Western Sydney Possum Removal

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The Mess Possums Make

Possum mess Urination

The disgusting mess Possums Make When possums make your roof their home they will go about making it comfortable. What this looks like to a possum is the flattening out of insulation to make a nest. The constant movement in and around that area just destroy the usefulness of theRead More…

Possum Noises

Brushtail possum noises

How to Identify if you are hearing a possum Often we hear strange noises in the night. It may be a squawk or a screech. It maybe a noise that makes you think there is someone walking around in your house. More often than not the culprit is a possum.Read More…

Possums In Roofs

Possum in West Sydney Roof

When Possums get in your Roof You are rudely awakened by a loud thud and then some scrabbling scurrying noises over your ceiling. What the!!!!! You think as you are trying to work out whats going on, after all it’s about 4am and the noise sounds like it’s right overRead More…

If left to stay in the roof, possums will become more difficult to remove and harder to keep out. Don't wait until it's too late.