Possum Noises

Brushtail possum noises

How to Identify if you are hearing a possum

Often we hear strange noises in the night. It may be a squawk or a screech. It maybe a noise that makes you think there is someone

Male Possum defensive noises Possum Noises

I’m not telling your again.

walking around in your house.

More often than not the culprit is a possum. Yep these cute cuddly creatures can make a tremendous noise in the night and not just one noise either. They screech, grunt, crash and bang around and that’s before they start fighting with each other.

The noises made by Brushtail possums you hear in a roof, can be anything from a screeching guttural kind of sound to a kind of barking/snoring noise.

Most of the time these possum noises are used to ward off intruders from there territories. This also includes when it’s time to encourage the young one to find a new home.

If you hear this kind of noise then you should be considering getting someone out to check out the roof for entry points.

When you hear this grunting kind of noise then you can bet it’s a possum trying to scare off the enemy

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