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The Mess Possums Make

Possum mess Urination

The disgusting mess Possums Make

When possums make your roof their home they will go about making it comfortable.

What this looks like to a possum is the flattening out of insulation to make a nest2012 09 28 13.16.58 580x773 The Mess Possums Make. The constant movement in and around that area just destroy the usefulness of the insulation.

The longer possums are in the roof the more evidence they leave behind.

 The Mess Possums Make

This hot water tank covered in possum urine. Stinks too




Urinating and pooing are all too common and when they start defending their territory they start “marking” with the scent gland on their chest. This leave marks, really dirty, hard to remove marks on all the surfaces the touch.

If they happen to urinate in the ceiling and it runs down the wall you can expect to see brown stains with a very acrid smell too it.



It’s advisable to clean this off for 2 main reasons.

  1. If left too long it dries rock hard
  2. Every time it rains the uric acid absorbs the moisture and it starts smelling all over again.